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How do I submit a Public Record Request?

Any person wishing to request copies of public records of Valley Communications should make the...

What is a public record?

A public record is any record containing information relating to the conduct of government business,...

Can Valley Communications utilize an installment methodology to respond to my records request?

Yes. When a request is made for a large number of records, Valley Communications Center Public...

How long do you keep records?

In compliance with the Emergency Communications (911) Records Retention Schedule, Valley...

Where can I obtain officer notes, photographs or the actual case report?

You will want to contact the specific agency which dealt with your case.

Are public records requests confidential?

No. Once the County receives a public records request, the request itself becomes a public record of...

What public information is exempt from disclosure?

Each record must be reviewed to determine whether it is exempt from disclosure. Most exemptions are...

Is there a fee for public records?

A fee of $.15 per page for copies (double sided considered 2 pages) and scans. Postage will be...

How are the five business days calculated when responding to a public records request?

RCW 42.56.520 provides that a response to a request for public records must be made within five (5)...

Can Valley Communications Center search for records by name or date of birth?

Valley Communications Center does not have the ability to perform this type of search.